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Workshops Registration for children 3 to 12 years old:

If you want to sign up in some of our workshops send us an email with your Request and data to

Dubbing Films:

Workshops, in which we discover why/how, cartoons talk.

We will learn the entire process of dubbing cartoons; the translation of the script, film adjustment , setting and registering the voices.

Actors Scenic Workshop:

The workshop aims to show attendees some of the techniques used by the actors when it comes to re-creating a character, their body and vocal expressions, as well as how to work as a team, listening to those who share a scene.

The workshop also teaches us through professional techniques to lose the stage fright, so important when it comes to go on stage.

Stop Motion Workshop:

(Performed by Clay Animation team with Javier Tostado, Animat president at the head.)

Few genres encourage as many artistic disciplines as Stop Motion animation: drawing, modeling, painting, sculpture, interpretation, photography, music … and of course animation. One of the usual materials in the animation Stop Motion On is the clay, with it, the workshop attendees will be able to carry out the proposed exercises.

The workshop begins with a brief explanation of the stop motion animation technique and the viewing of an episode of the Clay Kids series. Followed by a brief explanation of the software, exercises are proposed. The 16 participants are grouped in pairs and they are given clay to enable them to carry out their creations. After each exercise, the animator-teacher and the rest of the participants walk through each of the computers (6-8 computers), viewing the animations performed by each pair.

The methodology workshop encourages collaborative work, the organization of tasks according to Abilities and motivations, as well as the collective recognition of the individual effort.

Paper Cutting artist:

The cutout animation is a variant of the stop motion animation technique and is produced by photographing flat figures. These figures are usually made with cardboard, paper, cloth and / or photographs arranged horizontally and photographed from above.

During the workshop, children will be able to cut the cardboard figures they want and give them life frame by frame. A fun workshop for kids, encouraging creativity and teamwork.