Travelers to the train – audiovisual exposition

Dear colleagues in the media:
From 23 to 29 October will take place the big week of the International Children’s Film Festival of Valencia. This year, we hope to excite once again, both the schools and the family public. In this third edition, together with Adif, and Tiendas de la Estación we share this excellent audiovisual exposition.


Stony roads where carriages coveted by bandits of the mountainous region travel, cars as purring as the horses they replaced more than a century ago, precedents of the current clouds of pollution and clogged highways. Windows for the privileged, where only lazy, almost static clouds can be seen from the air. And abyssal depths of sea monsters, sirens of good lungs and lost cities dreamed thanks to Nemo in a past that does not exceed the future.

The globetrotter, the child, the adult who was, enjoy today as yesterday, forgotten coal and bad fumes, from discovering the outside world, the lost field, offered by the window of a railway car, even if it is not the Orient Express. The permission to dream is achieved by remembering the magic spell of our grandparents, that “Abrete Sésamo” from a century ago of adventures, that “Travelers to the train” that preludes the beginning of the dreamed trip.

Luis Gasca

“We want to share with all of Valencia this exposition of Ficiv that depends on a non-profit association and that is viable thanks to ADIF and STORES OF THE STATION.”.