“Animation days”

✤ 10.00- 11.00 Master Class Stop Motion Javier Tostado

✤ 11.15- 12.15 Master Class “The real world of the animator profession” Antonio Zurera

✤ 12.30-13.30 Master Class 2D and 3D Ignacio Meneu

✤ 16.30- 18.30h Documentary “Cruz Delgado”

✤ Meeting table with Cruz Delgado, Cruz Delgado Antonio Jorge San

✤ Award of Honor Joaquín Sorolla Ficiv 2018 to Cruz Delgado

Valencia Lab

During the IV edition we held the Animation Days for the first time on Tuesday, October 2, with which we intended to create a display platform and showcase for local producers. During the day there are 3 master classes taught by; David Caballer, from Clay Animation; the conference “The real world of the animator profession”, given by Antonio Zurera; the 2D and 3D Animation Master Class, given by Ignacio Meneu, from Cartoon Production Studio and Toonf Valencia; and finally, the screening of the documentary film “Cruz Delgado: A Quixote of Spanish animation” with the subsequent discussion, tribute and delivery of the Joaquín Sorolla Prize to an emotional Cruz Delgado whom FICIV had the pleasure and honor of receiving in Valencia to inspire with his presence and his wise words the multitude of students who attended the event from schools such as ESAT (Higher School of Art and Technology), Barreira Arte y Diseño (Official Center for Higher Studies) and La Florida, among others . The colloquium was also carried out by the professor of History of Cinema and Animation Cruz Delgado Sánchez and the writer Jorge San Román, both authors of the book “From Don Quixote to the Trotamusicos: Cruz Delgado’s cartoons.” It was a success. The end result of the day was a full capacity: We accredited 198 students to whom we sent a certificate of attendance.