– Bring the most independent and independent children’s cinema to children from 3 to 12 years old with films from countries all over the world.


– Use cinema as an informative tool that helps us to enter into the study of society, observe and know cultures different from our own, form visions around past, present and future events and come into contact with values, ideas, thoughts, attitudes, norms…


– Teach the kids the different tools to create a movie through our practical and cinematographic workshops.


– Make Valencia a showcase and a benchmark in children’s cinema and world animation.


After the success of the two previous editions, we have already entertained more than 6,000 children. Ficiv will carry out the whole year between 2016 and 2017: premieres, workshops, expositions and screenings where the children’s audience, as well as professionals and students of the Valencian audiovisual can continue learning while enjoying.