Registration of workshops for children from 3 to 12 years old:

If you are a school and you are interested in taking one of our workshops to your educational center, send us an e-mail to:,

Dubbing Workshop:

A wonderful workshop in which we will discover why cartoons speak.

We will make known the process that is done to fold cartoons; the translation of the script, adjustment, recording and recording of the voices.

Actoral Workshop:

The workshop aims to show attendees some of the techniques that actors use when recreating a character. How are your body and vocal expressions, as well as knowing how to work as a team, listening to those who share a scene.

The workshop also teaches us through professional techniques to lose stage fright, very important to be able to get on stage.

Cut Out Workshop:

The animation with cutouts or cutouts is a variation of the stop motion animation technique and is done by photographing flat figures. These figures are usually made with cardboard, paper, cloth and / or photographs arranged horizontally and photographed from above.

During the workshop children can cut the cardboard figures they want and give them life one frame at a time. A fun workshop that encourages creativity and teamwork.