Today, Friday July 14, the non-profit association MORE THAN TWO NUMEROUS FAMILIES OF VALENCIA, and the INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S FILM FESTIVAL have signed a collaboration agreement with which they intend to lay the foundations to promote “The cinema in family”

The importance of this collaboration lies in its exceptional value as an educational medium that unites parents and children in something as fundamental as preparing the latter to develop in an eminently audiovisual world, in which the image – we know it well – has a great leadership.

With the impulse of cinema we want to remind parents that it is they, above all, who must train their children in a reading and critical understanding of the cinematographic images that enter their homes every day.

From MAS DE DOS, they suggest that with the activities that are part of this collaboration, parents are offered the following recommendations:

• Offer an occasion to gather parents and children.
• Facilitate the relaxed conversation of all the members of the family. The nature of this activity facilitates communication between parents and children: we talk about the plot of the film, the fundamental idea that can be drawn from it, the actions of the actors, the symbols that appear, the language used…
• Deepen the topics. In the conversation the different points of view of the father, the mother and the children can emerge; and all enrich each other with the contributions of others.
• Mutual knowledge Parents know their children more by listening to their approaches and their way of reasoning and feeling. The children have the opportunity to exchange opinions with their parents and to forge their criteria with the help of their elders. From all this is generated a better mutual knowledge very beneficial.
• Learn to discern the different qualities of the films, from the most commercial to the most artistic and formative.